Not Cancelled, Just Shifted: Here’re 10 Reasons Not to Miss SMU Virtual Open House 2020

By the SMU Social Media Team 

While the COVID-19 situation in Singapore is still evolving and uncertainties abound, there are some things that we at SMU know for sure. First and foremost, our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of SMU students, faculty and staff, as well as prospective students and their families. That’s why we will be moving our Open House event on 29 February and 1 March (Saturday and Sunday), entirely online!

That does not mean, however, that attendees will be getting a diminished Open House experience this year. Far from it—in our 20th year, we are turning the challenges of this situation into an opportunity for creativity, and making use of different technologies to showcase campus life here in a whole new way.

With our staff, faculty and students coming together to turn this Virtual Open House into reality, we promise you this: even through a screen, this experience will fully convey the unique warmth and vibrancy of SMU that we are all so proud of, and can’t wait to share with future students. Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons you should check out our brand-new Virtual Open House:


1.  Attend the event anytime, anywhere

On 29 February and 1 March, simply visit at any time, and you’ll be able to access a wealth of information about SMU. Do it by using your mobile device from the comfort of your bed, or browse using a desktop while enjoying a weekend cuppa—it’s entirely up to you. All you need is an Internet connection.


2. Experience the SMU classroom in real-time



Live Webinars for each of our programmes will be conducted across the two days. Join as many as you like, and you’ll be able to experience how our students learn through an interdisciplinary approach and hone their critical thinking skills through robust debate.

You’ll also be able to chat with professors and students, and interact with potential future classmates. This is a unique opportunity to get immediate answers to any questions you may have about this next chapter of your education.


3. Find out all you need to know about admissions



Applying to university can be complex, but we can demystify this process for you with useful insights and advice. Join Live Webinars to hear from our Directors of Admissions, and take part in our exclusive Live Application Workshops to learn more about admissions requirements and get insider tips on how to ace your admissions interview.

Have more questions? Our admissions counsellors are ready with answers. Simply use the chat function on our Open House website, and you’ll be able to initiate one-on-one conversations with them in real-time.


4. Hear from SMU students



Take part in Live Webinars and Live Chats with SMU students, and find out more about everything from the global exposure they have experienced through international programmes and real-world lessons from experiential learning and internships, to their favourite ways to unwind and have fun on campus.


5. Learn more about our undergraduate programmes



Through Video Information Sessions, hear from faculty and students about the different undergraduate programmes available at SMU. At SMU, we are always looking ahead so that we can prepare our students for a future that has yet to take shape, and you’ll be able to find out more about all the ways we are tailoring our offerings to the future of work.


6. Use our “Find Your Major” generator

Still can’t decide what programme to apply for? Get some clarity by using our brand-new “Find Your Major” generator. Simply indicate your academic interests, and it will suggest possible degree and major combinations, and even the possible career pathways these majors could lead to!

Remember, at SMU, you can curate the academic experience that best suits your passions, strengths and circumstances. For example, SMU students can take a second major from any of our schools, and can also choose to accelerate their programmes and customise their class schedules.


7. Take a Virtual Campus Tour



You’ll make it to the actual campus eventually—it’s right in the heart of Singapore’s Civic District, after all. In the meantime, we’ve put together an immersive armchair Virtual Tour of our beautiful city campus, led by our very own SMU Ambassadors. They’ll be explaining the spaces and functions of our state-of-the-art facilities such as SMU Connexion, our newly launched green building that is designed to provide new-generation teaching-and-learning spaces; and the David Marshall Moot Court, where our law students hone their mooting skills.

 8. Explore student life

University isn’t all about studying. Our students have over 120 clubs and associations to choose from—not to mention the option of starting their own new endeavour. Watch our students chat about their passion for the arts, sports, culture, and more, and you may just be inspired to find your own niche.


9. Check out Prinsep Street Residences

What’s it like to live, learn, work and play in the heart of the city, just minutes away from campus? Watch SMU students residing in our new Prinsep Street Residences share their experiences, and offer a look at this innovative communal living concept.


10. Live vicariously through our students



And finally, you can follow SMU students Jessica Lee and Norman Fong as they take you through an actual day in their lives as SMU students. Check out their personally-produced Vlogs as they show you exactly what it’s like to go to classes, hang out on campus, and indulge in their favourite activities. Don’t take our word for it—you’ll see for yourself why there’s never a dull moment at SMU!


To join us at SMU Virtual Open House 2020 on 29 Feb & 1 March visit


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