SMU Commencement 2014: Live highlights!

It’s once again that time of the year to celebrate the end of many amazing journeys in education, and eagerly anticipate the beginning of something new. The time to honour the soon-to-be graduates who will no longer grace the school’s hallways with the young energy and enthusiasm, and emerge into the world as full-fledged adults. Today they celebrate their achievements with their friends and family as we take pride in SMU’s class of 2014 and bring you a live blog feed of the highlights from the happenings at commencement.


12:50pm – We’re about to kick off this year’s commencement in style with a grand procession of 2014’s batch of SMU graduates!


1:05pm – We interviewed a few students outside the venue, and asked newly graduated Ng Li Tying from the School of Economics to describe her SMU journey in three words. She responded:

“If I have to use three words to describe my SMU journey, it will be ‘bumpy’ for sure but ‘memorable’ and very ‘inspiring.’” Ng Li Tying, Graduate, SMU School of Economics


1:20pm – The stage is set and we’re good to go! Commencement begins in a few minutes.


1:27pm – SMU Chancellor Mr Yong Pung How declares this year’s commencement ceremony open!


1:40 – SMU Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping starts the event by delivering the opening address for this year’s commencement rites.

“We now strive to create leaders who are more profoundly prepared for the future.” – SMU Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping


1:50pm – Guest of Honour Mr Chan Chun Sing defines success!

Minister Chan Chun Sing

“Success is a function of effort and talent.”



1:55pm – SMU confers honorary degrees upon Mr SR Nathan and Prof Katherine Schipper. Mr SR Nathan is awarded an honorary Doctorate in Letters, while Prof Katherine Schipper receives one for Accountancy.


2:15pm – The time every undergraduate awaits has come as the Chancellor confers degrees upon our soon-to-be SMU graduates!


2:30pm – History is being made as SMU President Arnoud De Meyer addresses our largest graduating cohort to date!

“Class of 2014, my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to all of you.” – Pres. Arnoud De Meyer


2:50pm – Chua Wei Yuan, SMU Class Valedictorian of 2014 is currently giving the valedictory speech to the graduates and parents.


“Your career will require you to make decisions that are difficult, you may one day have to choose between what is easy and what is right.” – Chua Wei Yuan, 2014


3:10 – To cap off the programme as well as undergraduate life for our graduates, the audience was treated to a captivating performance by the graduating students from SMU’s many musical performance clubs at this year’s commencement! They really looked like they had the time of their lives on that stage for the last time as SMU undergraduates.

Here are some of our favourite snaps from the performance segment. Enjoy!

SMU Commencement 2014 dancers

SMU Commencement 2014 dancers

SMU Commencement 2014 dancers

SMU Commencement 2014 finale

And here are the video highlights from the momentous event!


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