Demystifying Accounting at SMU-EY AIP

By the Social Media Team, SMU School of Accountancy

For most people outside the accounting industry, the word “accounting” conjures images of long balance sheets, hours of number crunching and copious amounts of paperwork.

Since 2014, the Accounting Immersion Programme at the SMU School of Accountancy (SoA) has set out to correct this fallacious but widespread assumption.

Into its third year, the SMUEY Accounting Immersion Programme (AIP) invites participants from the Junior Colleges and Polytechnics for a two-day camp held in SMU for the purpose of demystifying accountancy to the student-participants and exposing them to accountancy as a career and field of study.

Planned and run entirely by the Accountancy student body SOA Outreach, under the programme, participants will learn about accounting concepts in a fun and engaging way and have a taste of the SMU SoA seminar-style learning experience. They will also hear from industry professionals who will share with them the many career paths accountancy can lead them too.

Getting to know each other on Day 1

This year, the SMUEY AIP was held on 6 and 7 June 2016 and drew over 150 participants from various institutions in Singapore. Over the two days, SMUEY AIP participants went through a fun-filled programme packed with station games based on accounting concepts, a mini ‘Amazing Race’ within the campus, and networking sessions/talks by industry professionals.

Teamwork is the key!


Don’t worry, it’s bark is worse than it’s bite!


When calculators are not available, trust your handphone

The SMUEY AIP has been receiving positive feedback each year from its participants and 2016’s programme did not disappoint. This year’s participants were encouraged to post their SMUEY AIP experience and feedback on the SMU Accounting Immersion Programme Facebook Group. Participants with the best Facebook posts were presented with a gift. We showcase some of the winning Facebook posts here:


The positive feedback from participants demonstrates that the SMUEY AIP effectively exposes students to accountancy as a whole and opens their eyes to the possibilities of accounting as a career or field of study.

One thing is for certain. The next time these 150 students hear the word “accounting”, they will know exactly what it means.

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