Keeping fit at SMU

By Aishwarya Mirania Agarwal, SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business

We’ve all heard how the first year of university can result in tremendous weight gain, aka the dreaded “Freshmen 15”. Even though we start university life with the best intentions of keeping up with our physical activities, the advent of hectic class schedules, CCA commitments and other preoccupations can cause us to compromise on our fitness.

What we forget is how important it is to stay fit. Fitness is not just about a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and heart. Engaging in sports and other activities can provide us with a sense of well-being and help us prevent stress, anxiety and even depression. As an added benefit, fitness activities can also help us to make new friends and enrich our social lives.

Here are some ways to keep fit at SMU, located conveniently on or near campus so that you can easily make time to work out while juggling your load of schoolwork.

1. Gymnasium and Fitness Centre


Located in the Concourse, the SMU gym has the most extensive array of equipment I have ever seen. Ranging from treadmill and rowing machines to yoga mats, the gym is the perfect place to exercise the way you like to. A special advantage to the ladies – the gym has a separate fitness room just for you, so you can work out and stretch in relative privacy.

Besides the clean changing rooms and friendly instructors, the gym’s long operating hours from 7am – 10pm makes it a convenient place to work out between two classes, or even after you’re done with school for the day.

2. Rooftop Yoga by SMU Fitnessworks

First yoga class of 2015 organised jointly by SMU Fitnessworks and YogiSMU! Image credit: YogiSMU Facebook page

Organised jointly by SMU Fitnessworks and YogiSMU, these rooftop yoga classes are extremely popular. Image credit: YogiSMU on Facebook

It’s a little known fact that rooftop yoga sessions are held at the open-air area on level 6 of our Admin Building, overlooking the scenic National Museum of Singapore. This is a great way for you to forget about the stress of assignments and presentations, and focus on yourself for a while.

Unfortunately, I’ve never managed to sign up on time for this. According to a friend of mine, an exchange student from Paris, the serenity of the surroundings along with the yoga postures makes for a great evening of fitness.

I’ve never managed to sign up in time for this, but I’ll be keeping a lookout for the next session on SMU Fitnessworks’ Facebook page. Check it out if you’d like to join me!

3. Swimming Pool

Image credit: SMUSA official website

Image credit: SMUSA

We all know how terribly hot Singapore can get. For respite from this heat, visit the pool on level 6 of the Admin Building where you can work out as well as relax.

Personally, this is my favourite fitness facility at SMU.  The idea of working out and burning calories without sweating makes this a great activity. I find that mornings are the best time to swim as I feel more refreshed and focused through the day’s activities. Do note though that the pool is reserved by CCAs on many evenings.

4. Sports Hall

Freshmen at Day 1 of SMU Sports Camp 2014 which was held at our Sports Hall. Image credit: SMU Sports Union Facebook page

Events like SMU Sports Camp are also held at our Sports Hall. Image credit: SMU Sports Union on Facebook

The indoor sports hall is also located in the Admin Building, on level 3. It is fully air-conditioned, and so you can use it during rain or shine.

Many sporting activities are played in this hall, including basketball, cricket, netball, handball and badminton. Most of these sports are organised by the SMU Sports Union; check out their Facebook page for more details of activities and timings.

5. Jogging


If you don’t like running alone, take part in group runs with the SMU RunTeam, which organises weekly runs along popular routes in the city. Image credit: SMU RunTeam on Facebook

For all the running enthusiasts, class is not the only place that you can run to. Fort Canning Park is located right behind the School of Accountancy/School of Law building. Its lush green surroundings and quiet atmosphere provide a great backdrop for your jog, while you catch up on some much needed “me-time”. Tune in to your favourite song, inhale the fresh air deeply, and feel the wind in your hair while you run to your heart’s content. This is an instant stress-buster!

For more details of the sports facilities located in the Admin Building, click here.

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