Don’t just read about it from the website—visit our open house!

By Joachim Fong, Lee Kong Chian School of Business


Right, so we all know what to expect from SMU:

A university that is globally recognised for its interactive pedagogy.

An institution that is known for its holistic and innovative curriculum.

A warm and welcoming place filled with opportunities for young minds to gain amazing global exposure.

Finally, of course, a four year experience that would stretch our limits and grant us a multitude of possibilities to venture into a most fulfilling career.


Awesome! I’m sure these are some of the factors that you’ll carefully weigh when deciding on the next step of your academic journey. However, these points that I’ve just listed have been simply paraphrased from SMU’s open house website, and it’s likely that you—as a prospective university undergraduate who has done some research on your available choices—are already probably familiar with them.

The truth is, one won’t get to really comprehend what a university education in SMU is all about by just browsing through a webpage or watching an advertisement that pops up before your next YouTube video plays.

An SMU education, or to aptly put it, the SMU experience can’t simply be read like a book, nor can you fully soak in all that it offers by watching an advertisement. This is because the ardour and fulfilment that the SMU experience delivers can only be fully captured by being immersed in the undergraduate journey. As promised by current students and alumni of SMU, being enrolled into SMU is a unique journey that is never dull.

Starting to get interested in the distinctive journey that SMU is renowned for? Or do you still need a little more convincing?

Well, to be able to have a little taste of what SMU student life is like, let me introduce you to the start of your own SMU experience by featuring some of the typical must-sees, as well as the brand new highlights for this year’s SMU Open House.


Must attend: Informative talks on undergraduate admissions for our six schools

Full talks schedule for SMU Open House 2016


Academic Talks

Like all university open houses, you will get to attend a wide range of informative talks from all six of our schools—the School of Accountancy, School of Economics, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Information Systems, School of Law and School of Social Sciences. The talks given by the Deans and the professors will cover the modular curriculums and the many exciting majors that each respective school has to offer.

Trust me guys, these talks are most definitely enlightening and will provide you with a stronger understanding of all the different courses, helping you to narrow down the field of study that is most suitable for you. Moreover, such talks will list down the many potential job prospects from the different degree courses.

Perhaps most excitingly, you’ll get to find out more about two new game-changing majors that may just appeal to you!


Open House 2016 - Learn about SMU's two new majors

Learn about SMU’s two new majors


(NEW!) The Politics, Law and Economics (PLE) major

Three very distinctive but related disciplines infused into one Major, the new PLE major provides students with deeper insights into how politics, law and economics mould our highly interconnected world.

As quoted from the Dean of SMU School of Law Professor Yeo Tiong Min, “The Politics, Law and Economics major will enable students in the programme to understand domestic, cross-border, and global issues critically from a unique interdisciplinary standpoint.  This will be a valued skill in the increasingly complex world that we live in.”

Furthermore, the new major complements SMU’s strength in fusing theoretical knowledge with practical know-how. Hence, internship opportunities with the participating organisations are awarded to extend students’ learning experiences as well!


(NEW!) Entrepreneurship major

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs out there!   

Another newly offered major by SMU, the Entrepreneurship major is something you don’t want to miss finding out about! The major encompasses a list of applicable electives, exciting entrepreneurship study missions (such as to the world-renowned tech haven that is Silicon Valley), and the entrepreneurship practicum, which will help students realise their new business ideas.

Thinking of starting a business, reforming an existing business or just simply intrigued by the know-hows of running a business?

The Entrepreneurship major will most certainly deliver what you are looking for, and students who plan to seek advice and assistance in launching a business while studying in SMU will definitely find many benefits with this major!


SMU-X is one of the latest developments in our innovative curriculum

SMU-X is one of the latest developments in our innovative curriculum


(NEW!) Innovative SMU-X courses

This year’s open house will also be featuring the new SMU-X courses.

Started back in 2015, SMU-X courses let students collaborate with organisations on real-life issues and redesign what education is meant to be — a self-learning process.

Courses cover a diverse range, including Intelligent Accounting Function, Postmodern Theatre Studies, Global Migration and Human Society, and many more!

Such modules will allow you guys to practise interactive learning-by-doing, where you will develop advanced research skills while working directly with a wide range of different organisations on the subject areas of the course. Online and offline discussions coupled together with video conferences with partner organisations will be conducted on a regular basis too!

So, any ideas on why SMU-X is revolutionising the concept of a holistic education?

Well, SMU-X courses were designed based on four main principles that are meant to give students a more realistic and practical approach to learning. The principles are (i) inter-disciplinary content and activities, (ii) project-based learning, (iii) active student-mentoring, and lastly, (iv) three-way learning by faculty, student and client.


SMU has over 160 CCAs and Student Groups

SMU has over 160 CCAs and Student Groups


Performances and CCAs

Remember what I stated earlier about undergoing the SMU undergraduate journey? Well, apart from the rich and fulfilling curriculum, SMU is known for its highly active student life. With more than 160 student activities under our five CCA clusters — Arts and Cultural Fraternity, Special Interest and Community Service Sodality, SMU Sports Union, SMUXtremists and SMU Icon — as well as the six student groups across each of our school faculties, it’s not hard to see why!

At this year’s open house, just head over to the carnival at the street level of SMU’s campus and you’ll get an opportunity to meet and discover what the many diverse CCAs and student groups in SMU are all about.

And speaking of the Arts and Cultural Fraternity, be prepared to feast your eyes on a series of top-notch fine arts and cultural performances at open house!

Ever heard of Samba Masala? They are SMU’s very own Brazilian percussion group that is made up of a bustling bunch of highly-spirited students… and they will be performing during the open house! Their up-tempo drum beats and energetic display of student camaraderie will surely keep you entertained.

Or how about Voix? They are SMU’s premier Acapella group who, without the use of any musical instrument, perform a varied repertoire, from popular pop ballads to soothing jazz renditions. Such beautiful voices will certainly enchant and leave you in awe during their performances at open house. You’d probably be trying to imitate members of “Glee” when they’re done performing!

How about a little salsa fiesta to spice up your open house experience? Be sure to check out the talented students from SMU’s Latin Ballroom dance group, Ardiente, who will deliver a scintillating performance for you to be mesmerised by and probably get you in the mood to start jiggling with your friends!

These, of course, are just a few of the many performances you’ll get to witness at the open house. You’ll also get to see other dance group performances by troupes such as Caderas Latinas and SMU Ballare, as well as loud and invigorating electro dance music from SMU’s student Disc Jockey group, Stereometa, cultural clubs like SMU’s Komunitas and tons more!

The long list makes it impossible for me to describe every single performance, so head down for the open house and experience it first-hand!


Instagram video contest

Hold your horses! We’re not done with this blog post yet!

Just one last thing to take note of for this year’s open house.

For all you music lovers out there, don’t miss out on the ‘Live at #SMUOpenHouse2016’ Instagram Video Contest for a chance to get your free Spotify Premium Account!

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Take a video at SMU Open House 2016
2. Post it on Instagram with the caption — LIVE at #SMUOpenHouse2016
3. Follow @sgsmu
4. Head over to The SMU Shop
5. Show them your video
6. Register and receive your Free Spotify Premium Account (while stocks last, though!)

But wait, there’s more! The entry with the most number of likes on 31 March 2016 will also win the grand prize of a GoPro camera! How cool is that!

(FYI, do take a quick look at the contest rules and regulations to make sure you’ve covered all grounds!)


My last words of advice would be: learn all you can about SMU during the open house. Take the opportunity to get all your questions answered, and your doubts addressed. Learn how SMU can help you to realise your unique potential, and thus transform you into a different “U”. Visit our state-of-the-art facilities including our modern library and the very interactive SMU-X Labs to find out how these venues will play an integral role in the entire process.

So, what else is stopping you from joining us at open house this 5 & 6 March ’16? See you there, folks!

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    I have a friend from Vietnam who graduated from SMU (school of information system) and working for google currently. His job is to do research about advertisement for the company. He is very happy with what he is doing, and get promoted very fast. He mentioned that he learned a lot of skills and knowledge during his study in SMU, and it was a biggest and greatest decision to get into the university.

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