SMU Information Systems: Journey of a Former ITE Student in SMU SIS

By Derrick Lee Ming Yang, SMU School of Information Systems

Two years ago, after countless research and discussions with friends from the industry, I concluded that SMU would be most suitable for me. I am currently enrolled in SMU’s School of Information Sytems (SIS) and here are my thoughts about my freshman year.


Freshman Orientation Camp

The freshman orientation camp is a must attend for all incoming students. In SMU, you’ll meet people from all walks of life. You’ll learn more about the school and its culture during this camp, and more importantly, how to get from one place to another in the quickest possible time! You’ll also meet some of the people who will perhaps stick with you throughout your university education.


Faculty Camp

In SIS, you’ll spend most of your time with friends from the same faculty. Therefore, it is imperative that you attend the faculty camp. You’ll soon realise that in SIS, everyone is closely knitted and the seniors are very helpful. They’ll share their experiences and guide you through your first semester.


SMU SIS Faculty Camp


Freshmen Bash 2016

Perhaps the most unforgettable experience I went through in my freshman year. From the interview to the late night dance practices, everyone was very enthusiastic to put on a good show to end the summer break and to commence the start of school. It was something different and made me feel alive again after serving two years of national service. I got to know fellow students and seniors from different faculties who, again, were very helpful in preparing us freshmen for school.


Freshmen Bash 2016


The SIS Curriculum

At the end of my first semester, while a few of my friends were overseas for their community service project, I took some time over the winter break to rest and reflect on the past semester. The thing is life in SMU SIS isn’t easy—even more so for a former ITE/Poly student. The guys would also find it harder to get back on track after spending two years serving the nation.




But fret not, as we’re only doing foundation courses in the first year. In the first semester, all SIS students will be taking up two Information Sytems foundation courses, one of which doesn’t require you to code at all. My advice is, start preparing for school before the term starts. Some of the SMU broadbased courses that you can prepare ahead are Calculus, Introduction to Economics, and Introduction to Statistics. If you’re not exempted from these courses, you might as well start studying for them during your holidays so you can spend more time on the heavier courses—such as the ones that involve coding.

That being said, I find that the best way to have a balanced lifestyle between school and play is to prepare well. Set a timetable for yourself, spend a few hours outside class to recap and prepare for the next class.

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