10 Reasons to Choose a City Campus

By the SMU Social Media Team


Bright lights, nightlife, vibrant crowd – those are the benefits of studying in a school nestled in the heart of a busy metropolis.

Few other decisions in life weigh as heavily as choosing the right University to go to, and few other schools offer the opportunities of a city campus that SMU has. As you deliberate on your next chapter in life, here are ten reasons to push you in the right direction because, as they say: choose with the future in mind; choose wisely.


Diverse makan options

Don’t feel like having Hainanese curry rice today? No problem. There’s always a great burger bistro right around the corner. How about some artisanal ice-cream to sweeten the deal? Being in a city campus, you’re surrounded by a wide array of options. There is no confining to one particular place when you’re in the heart of the busy city.

Diverse food options all around SMU's city campus

Work hard, chill out

And on the topic of having diverse options, choosing a city campus also puts one in close physical proximity to a plethora of leisure options. It’s so much more convenient to unwind with a movie (or shopping spree!) after a long lecture when you’re attending a city campus.


Convenience in transport

Like choosing a home, it’s all about location, location, location when it comes to choosing a school too. Nestled in the heart of the metropolis, city campuses are surrounded by buses that travel everywhere, and train stations that are five-minute strolls away. The ease of getting from point A to B is unparalleled when you study in the city.


Home is where the heart is

With its convenience, being in the heart of the city also enables you to return home easily. No longer is there unnecessary expenditure on university dormitory, studying in a city campus means you get to study without sacrificing family time.

Convenience of commuting from home


Real-world experience

Unlike campuses in the heartlands, a city campus puts you right in the hustle and bustle of the work crowd. Let’s face it, in a few years’ time you will graduate and enter the workforce. Why not slowly assimilate yourself over the years by immersing right in?

In the heart of the central business district


Exposure to industry experts

With your school in the city, your campus becomes the ideal venue for workshops and seminars. Learn a thing or two about market research. Take a peek into the workings of a social technology start-up. With highly acclaimed seminars held right on your grounds, you get to rub shoulders with industry bigwigs – something most students can only dream of.

Access to conferences and lectures by top leaders


Networking opportunities

The vibrant atmosphere of your city campus also becomes an ideal venue for holding networking events, and getting to know some people in the industry you’re looking to join always puts you in a good position.

Networking opportunities

Photo by: SMU Alumni


Cultural exposure

Away from homogenous environments, studies have shown that students in ethnically diverse settings perform better academically and reap greater professional success. While Singapore is a melting hot pot of culture in and of itself, being right smack in the middle of the busy city increases one’s exposure to diverse cultures.


Bustling campus community

Being nestled in the heart of the city, urban campuses tend to attract students who equally thrive in the energy. From art festivals to annual conferences, there is no end to the plethora of activities and movements that students support and come up with.

Wide array of activities on campus


Partying it up!

With numerous party options just in the vicinity of your city campus, you’ll find your way to key party spots in no time! Whether you’re looking to just chill with a small group of friends or to dance the night away, rest assured that you’re in the right place. Time to let your hair loose and party up after the long week of studying!

Party in the city

Photo by: IGer @Sidderz


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