Why SMU: It’s All About the 360 Experience

By the SMU Social Media Team


Student life is one of many experiences in our lives, and while course curriculum might aid the pursuit of knowledge and learning, quality education is more than just lectures and seminars.

SMU believes that providing a 360-degree learning experience requires a mix of academics, activities, social interaction and diversity, allowing opportunities for self-discovery and transformation to equip students for a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world.

A holistic education consists of the wide variety of programmes and courses offered, complemented by various co-curricular activities (CCA) and school events. With the idea that teaching less and learning more is key, classes are conducted in small, interactive seminar groups. At the same time, students are required to complete compulsory community service and internships; and plenty of student clubs are available for students to discover or set up CCAs that they are passionate about.


SMU-X: A Different Way of Experiencing the Real World



One of the key initiatives by SMU to bridge the gap between academia and industry to adapt in a changing society is SMU-X. SMU-X courses focus on experiential learning through the use of real-world projects. This progressive arrangement allows students to apply learned techniques in complex real-life situations and provides an opportunity for partners to identify and recruit students as potential employees.


Life Outside the Classroom


SMU's vibrant student life


Apart from courses, SMU’s extensive variety of over 120 student clubs—spanning the arts, sports, community service, entrepreneurial and international interest groups—provide the platforms for students to learn and grow with diverse individuals who share the same interests. Engaging in student activities such as dance, dragonboat, muay thai, or AIESEC not only allows students to take a breather from coursework, it also creates an environment for students to contribute to and experience an inclusive and holistic campus culture through social, cultural and recreational interaction.


Events Galore


SMU university events


In addition, student-led university-wide events such as the annual SMU Patron’s Day, SMU Arts Festival, end-of-semester Starry Nite campus concerts, and VIVACE CCA fair allow students the opportunity to meet fellow schoolmates outside of their respective courses and student clubs, and to appreciate the efforts and talents of these various groups and individuals.

The synergy of these efforts allows a 360 education through balance, creating an unforgettable experience for all SMU students and graduates that will benefit and prepare you for life after graduation.


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