What to Do Right Now for a Last-minute Summer Internship

By the SMU Social Media Team

Summer’s here and while it might be way too late to get an internship with the biCartoon Humor Concept Illustration of Couch Potato Saying or Proverbg 4s in most industries, it doesn’t mean you should spend the holiday binge-watching Netflix.    

You’ll be surprised to learn that internships – even those for job hunting procrastinators – are easy to find on job sites such as Startup jobs SG and Glints. These sites tend to have a lot more job postings from small and medium enterprises and start-ups, which require interns all year round. Aside from offering quite a variety of internships, start-ups train grads-to-be to excel in a fast-paced environment and to cross function as an individual. What they call a marketing internship may start involving business development and accounts managing because with the lean workforce that start-ups have, individuals are expected to do more than required.    

Another option is a remote internship with either an international or local business. It is great because as the word suggests, you get to work from anywhere you are (with WiFi) and that means no more time- and money-sapping commutes! Many have the impression that remote internships aren’t exactly internships because you aren’t working in a traditional office space. Wrong. The whole point of an internship, as stated, is to learn and get experience during school holidays while earning some extra money. There isn’t a rule stating that a full-time internship involves clocking in for eight hours a day. With the availability of online and mobile chat options, you can be in constant contact with your supervisor, all while training your self-discipline and time management skills without a hawk-eyed boss peeking at your screen to check if you are on Facebook.


Man working at home


Another key tip for scoring a last-minute summer internship is to mine your connections. As Business Insider suggests, connections are the most important thing in the working world and they can get you to places you could never have imagined. Reach out to your friends, seniors and family because they’ve all had different working experiences in different industries and companies. There is a high chance that one of those companies they’ve once worked for are last-minute hiring. Even if they aren’t, there is always a chance of obtaining a gig for your next holiday or even some freelance.    

Landing a last-minute summer internship may be hard and not everyone will manage to get one they want. That’s not the end of the world and you should still be looking at ways to get the most out of your summer break. Consider volunteering at non-profit organisations (NPOs) or joining a charity campaign of sorts. All these options hone your resourcefulness as you research fund-raising options or activities and spearhead campaigns. Most of these NPOs are usually on the lookout for young adults for their energy and zest and this is also something interesting to add to your resume and give yourself a head-start in job hunting after graduation.