Mum, Dad. This is for you.

By SMU Ambassadorial Corps

Organised by the SMU Ambassadorial Corps, this year’s SMU Parents’ Day has been slated for 25 August to 9 September. An annual affair, this event aims to help parents of our incoming freshmen better understand what life in SMU is going to be like for their children. For most of us, our parents play an integral role in being the pillar of support during our education journey. From financial to emotional support, parents are often our go-to person for most everything. Whenever we need them, they’re always there. Yet, as students, we often neglect spending time with them and, more importantly, sharing our lives with them.

Our Ambassadors have taken this opportunity to dedicate a personal message of thanks to their parents for helping them live their SMU experience to the fullest. So, Mum, Dad, this is for you.


She’s my constant, and I’m hers.” – Janice Chiang, Year 2, SMU School of Accountancy

Being an only child from a single-parent family, stability for our future has always been the top priority. My mum has worked hard to provide for me in everything that I do. It’s now time for me to step up and ensure that I am able to support her for the future. She has been my constant source of encouragement when I am down, and my source of motivation to keep me at my best. She never fails to encourage me to be adventurous, to live and love life, and to take hold of every opportunity presented for me to experience the world. She has taught me the importance of being independent and practical-minded, but to never forget to have compassion for the people around us and to always appreciate all that we have. Thank you Mummy for being there for me every step of the way—from waking me up early in the morning to tucking me in when I knock out at night; from sending me to school to picking me up when I end late at night; and most importantly, for the late night suppers when I get greedy. I promise to make you proud! Mummy, #thisisforyou!


Follow your passion and never give up.” – Bryan Yeo, Year 3, SMU School of Social Sciences

My parents always believed in living life to the fullest; something that they imparted to me from an early age. They supported every decision I made, whether it was to come to SMU, what course of study I wanted, or my intended eventual career path. They showed me the importance of doing what you love and loving what you do, and never settling for anything less. I owe everything that I am today to my parents, and it is for them that I will strive for the best and never give up. Thank you for never giving up on me and always believing in me. I will continue chasing my dreams and I’m determined to make you proud. Mum, Dad, #thisisforyou.


Our biggest investment is our children’s education.” – Nadia Pritta Wibisono, Year 3, SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business

My parents may not be investors, but early on they taught me that education is the seed for the future—be it within or beyond the four walls of the classroom. They have empowered me to make my own decisions (including the decision to choose SMU) and be independent; but at the same time, they are always there to lean on. It’s for them that I work hard, take chances, and believe in empowering others through education. Mum, Dad, #thisisforyou.


Without you, I’d be nothing like the person I am today.” – Manisha Goyal, Year 3, SMU School of Information Systems

My parents have always given me the encouragement that I needed to build a dream to chase after. They supported me when I decided to take the leap of faith to study abroad, even if it meant that we would be 3,000 miles apart. While there have been many influences in my university life to guide me in certain directions, my parents are the compass that keeps me true to me. Without my parents, I’d be nothing like the person I am today, and the person I am still working on becoming. Mum, Dad, #thisisforyou.


I am strong when I am on your shoulders because you raise me up to be more than I can be.” – Lee Jia Le, Year 3, SMU School of Economics

Dad, thank you for your tough love. You’re never satisfied with my achievements and you continue to push me beyond my boundaries because you know that I can achieve more than what I think I can. Thank you for all the little acts of love, fetching me home when I stay too late in school, getting my favourite food when the going gets tough for me. Thank you for showing me the importance of hard work, for showing me that nothing will come easy, and that those countless hours really do pay off. Mum, thank you for making me the #1 priority in your world—such as taking up a tougher job so that you are able to finance my school fees. Thank you for being there to catch me if I fall, for supporting me in my SMU journey, and for being supportive of my own unique SMU experience. Mum, Dad, #thisisforyou.


In conjunction with SMU Parents’ Day, all of us here at the SMU Ambassadorial Corps, would like to send a big thank you to all parents for your unconditional love and unwavering support as we continue to work towards our dreams. Let us put our parents in the front row seats of our SMU lives at SMU Parents’ Day 2016!

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[Featured photo by: Alexus Goh]