Local Going Global

By Darren Yuen, SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Having done a semester exchange in Sweden, a summer exchange in Hong Kong, and an internship in Mumbai, many would think that my international experience is the most complete one here in SMU.

Indeed it is, if you also take into consideration the SMU Global Summer Programme I took in my third year, right here in SMU. That experience was truly an unforgettable one which allowed me to experience globalisation in the classroom without stepping foot outside of Singapore.

The programme not only enhanced my learning but also provided me with a platform to forge friendships with over 140 students from all over the world, such as: Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines, the UK, the US, etc. I was able to interact closely with many of them through the many activities and events organised by the Global Summer Programme team.

With a focus on Business, Innovation and Society in Asia, the programme offered unique modules such as ‘Economic Growth in East and South Asia’ and ‘The Business of Fun’ which are not offered in the regular terms. Challenging and unique, they were conducted with a wide range of assessments from class participation to group presentations. It was really an interesting experience hearing diverse opinions and perspectives from classmates who shared their own experiences from their respective countries. This was especially engaging when we delved deeper into specific countries in both modules.

Apart from the courses, the Global Summer Programme also included several activities and events, such as ‘Wine and Cheese’ sessions with renowned brands like Audi, Julius Baer, Red Bull and many more. These provided me with the opportunity to network and interact with a host of industry leaders.


Behind the scene of the Formula 1 Night Race; one of the highlights of the Global Summer Programme

Behind the scene of the Formula 1 Night Race; one of the highlights of the Global Summer Programme


On top of that, I also got to participate in a customised walking tour of the F1 night race here in Singapore, as well as visit Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa and KidZania Singapore as part of the ‘The Business of Fun’ module. Apart from having a fun time, I also learnt a lot about the tourism industry here in Singapore and found myself developing a deeper interest in international business.

Global exposure without leaving Singapore—who would have thought! I am extremely thankful for this opportunity, and for the SMU Global Summer team who was really helpful and resourceful in ensuring that we had the best experience here in this programme. I’d strongly recommend this global programme to both local and international students to apply and experience an awesome and enriching summer like I did!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch