Hear From A Student: What More is There About SMU Law to Know?

So, you’ve decided that a law degree is your next goal to pursue. But which school should you ultimately attend?

While the obvious factors for decision-making are ‘ranking’ and ‘reputation’, they shouldn’t be the only considerations. You are, after all, going to spend the next few years in this establishment and what you will take with you into the real world at the end of your university journey is what really matters. You have got to make this experience count!

Brochures and websites won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. Your seniors are truly the best people to share tips, advice and insights from the ground. So we checked in with SMU law student Estelle Tai to get her personal take on what makes SMU the best fit for her.


By Estelle Tai, SMU School of Law



Quality Teaching

The faculty at the SMU School of Law is truly exceptional. Not only do our professors have eminent academic qualifications, many of them have also served in both the private and public sector, thereby giving us varied perspectives of the law. I remember one of my professors used to serve as a District Judge and would often recount memorable cases that he presided over. These anecdotes brought new dimensions to my understanding of criminal law and its real-life application. Furthermore, many faculty members are also authors of leading law textbooks in Singapore – not only do you have easy access to an autograph, but you are also assured that your learning is in good hands.


Interactive Environment

One defining feature of the LLB program offered by SMU is the interactive pedagogical approach taken. It’s definitely challenging; I was quite intimidated by the number of hands waving in the air on my first day of school. But the benefits of such a learning style are multifold. It fosters much closer relationships between the faculty and students due to the smaller class setting and it provides you ample opportunity to speak up and clarify your doubts instead of zoning out at the back of the lecture hall. If you already like speaking up in class, you will find yourself amply rewarded when your results are released. If you don’t, you’ll be surprised by how circumstances can change a person!


Holistic Curriculum

SMU does not just train you to be a lawyer – it aspires to shape you into a lawyer, creative thinker, leader, team-player, or basically a superhero masquerading as a law student. The LLB curriculum is impressively comprehensive, and includes non-law modules such as Leadership and Team Building. Practically speaking, the course equips you with the skills necessary to thrive in the real world, where a basic LLB degree no longer suffices. But, more importantly, the process of learning these skills is a whole lot of fun and a very happy respite from the rigour of law school.

In my Creative Thinking class, I remember writing an essay to convince my professor that a Nutella-themed park would be a fabulous idea. The module concluded with a series of presentations at the end of the course where my group made a parody of the hit movie Twilight, and in turn, was treated to other group presentations that included a Singaporean-version of the Haka war cry.


Esetelle Creative Thinking Class

Group photo with my Creative Thinking class.


Location, Location, Location

The bustling Bras Basah district has a lot to offer: midnight prata sessions after intensive project meetings, cafes offering aromatic cups of coffee (the sustenance of sleep-deprived law students and also the reason for my financial ruin), spontaneous trips to the National Museum for quick study breaks, movie outings to The Cathay, and more! You will come to realise that the SMU experience is certainly not one that is confined within the boundaries of the campus, but one that extends into the very heart of Singapore and the myriad activities that it offers.


Estelle National Museum Trip

Spontaneous trips to the National Museum of Singapore which is just a stone’s throw away from campus!


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