4 Top-pick Apps You Need to Supercharge Your University Life

By the SMU Social Media Team

Apps aren’t just for filtering your selfies to perfection or booking a ride when you’re late for a morning lecture. Download mobile tools to revolutionise your uni life – from taking notes to planning your budget.

In fact, whether you’re a student or just starting out your career, our 4 top-pick apps are sure to give your productivity a much-needed boost:




A simple, but effective note-taking app that organises your scrambled thoughts and messy notes. While Evernote is a classic favourite, Letterspace certainly doesn’t lose out in terms of features. Like using hashtags to categorise blog posts, Letterspace allows you to organise your thoughts with hashtags. All you need to do is start categorising them into different hashtags and your notes will be decluttered in a jiffy. Moreover, Letterspace also has a handy swipe bar that lets you move your on-screen cursor without moving your hands from the keyboard, which makes editing your notes much easier. It’s basically simplified note taking.

Find out how it works.


Evernote Scannable


This is the holy grail of document scanning. In a rush and don’t have time to take notes from a “reference only” library book? Or urgently need soft copies of important documents but don’t have an actual scanner? Worry no more because Scannable’s got all of that covered. Scannable is an iOS app for scanning documents of literally any size; from name cards to A3 posters. It links automatically to your email account and sets the document in either JPEG or PDF format, ready to send out with a touch of a button. If you’re in a rush and accidentally exit the app before sending it out, fret not because the scanned documents will still be there until you manually delete it from within the app.



Ditch those grotty notecards, and create, study and share your own digital flashcards to prep for tests. The Studyblue app allows you to customise your own study materials with images and even audio notes, so you can utilise every possible block of study time — like the 10-minute wait for a delayed train, or during a particularly boring episode of your favourite TV show. You can even set up quizzes for yourself based on your materials and schedule reminders to study. Best of all, you can access the flashcards not just on your phone, but desktop, tablet and any other mobile device.



We can’t say which mobile budgeting app is the best because it really depends on personal preferences and an individual’s spending habits, but we’ve picked Pocketguard for its incredibly user-friendly interface to help you keep track of your finances daily. The app connects to your bank account or card and allows you to view your statements securely. It also automatically sorts your purchases, subscriptions and bill payments, so you can save time and have more energy for on your studies and activities.

What are some of your favourite productivity apps? Share your recommendations with us.
[Featured image by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash]