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Insights From an Insider: Eunice Chew 

Eunice Chew
Coming into SMU, Eunice Chew expected a more understated student life. Instead, what the Computer Science student discovered was an explosion of vibrance and diversity in SMU’s student experience. Learn all about Eunice’s experience at SMU!

Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2024 – Loh Kar Wei 

Fresh from a two-year hiatus, tech entrepreneur Loh Kar Wei is set to embark on her Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) journey at SMU. Dive into her passions and discover the intriguing second major option she is considering.

Innovation: The Way Forward

Driven by the fear of idleness, Jiali Du decided to pursue her PhD. With doors opened to newer, cutting-edge technologies, she's found her niche in AI as a Data Scientist at Booking.com.

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