New Year, New Skills

By the SMU Social Media Team 

It’s no secret that the most successful people never stop learning. While it’s often easier to kick back in one’s comfort zone and avoid the frustrations of picking up something new, a study by a neuroscientist has shown that engaging in an activity that is mentally challenging keeps the brain razor sharp.

Besides, learning new things does wonders for personal growth. For the career-minded, maybe you’ve been considering a mid-career switch by mastering a different skill, or you’ve taken interest in a management role and want to be equipped to strive for that promotion.

Research has shown that lifelong learning is gaining popularity and is increasingly important for individuals to remain competitive and well-equipped. Jobs are changing in this digital age, and the need for diverse and capable individuals capable of understanding, innovating, creating, and even solving the problems of today is growing along with it. One way to keep up is to continue picking up new skills and knowledge, whether for increased employability or personal growth.



And in view of a tough job market, upping your marketability and versatility in the workforce is no longer an option, but a necessity. Why not seize this opportunity to take a breather from work and equip yourself with new skills and knowledge through education to up your career game?

If you’ve been hesitant to sign up for a course or return to your studies, it’s time to take the leap in this new year with a postgraduate programme, or a wide variety of part-time continuing education courses designed for working professionals at SMU.


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