10 Reasons Why SMU is the University for You

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team

Imagine spending the next few years of your life in the heart of the city, with access to art, culture, commerce and innovation at your fingertips. Imagine discovering new knowledge not just for the sake of your GPA, but for intellectual growth and to create meaningful impact.

Attracting a diverse student body from across the island and abroad, SMU students are trailblazers in their own right. The SMU undergraduate dares to take the path less travelled, and is driven to stand up for his/her passions and dreams. Above all, SMU students are empowered to amplify the best within themselves—not by being pigeonholed or part of the proverbial herd.

A champion of diversity and the nuances that make its students unique, SMU is a bold pioneer of bespoke education: Its broad-based and rigorous curriculum is constantly reviewed to stay relevant, with over 500 double degree and major combinations for an interdisciplinary, individualised education. The result? Graduates who are creative, entrepreneurial, and possess a global world view essential for today’s economy. In other words, SMU is developing leaders of tomorrow; future cultivators of change.

Discover for yourself how these 10 students decided that SMU is the choice for them.


“I am excited to be part of the SMU family and experience, where I can cultivate life skills that will enable me to flourish in future.”

Why did you choose SMU?

SMU was an easy choice for me because the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) programme is all-encompassing and interactive.

Many seniors had shared that the BBM programme takes education beyond the traditional classroom and adopts a style of teaching that gels with my kind of learning: one that promotes active interaction and real-life job applicability. Not to mention the convenient location of the city campus, situated in the heart of Singapore’s central business district!


What are some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

One of my primary focuses was to represent Singapore in international squash tournaments. The thrill of competing on the professional circuit had me hooked on the sport at Raffles Institution and instilled in me a passion to excel in the sport and other areas of my life.

Additionally, travelling overseas for competitions enabled me to take in new cultures and forge bonds with people of different backgrounds. I’ve met some of my closest friends through these experiences, most of whom I interact with daily.


“Steve Jobs once said that the act of programming a computer teaches you how to think. Similarly, being part of the SMU ecosystem will enable us to think deeply and independently. To me, growth comes with knowing what to believe.”

Why did you choose SMU?

I value the importance of growing by meeting and interacting with new people. Before the neural networks in my brain are set further, I hope to learn to adapt to different circumstances and how to face challenges. I believe SMU has the right culture to facilitate that growth.

SMU also has a really cool Computing & Law programme. I’m attracted to how it can open up different pathways for my future career. I also appreciate SMU’s central location as it entails a shorter daily commute—which is a plus especially during a pandemic to reduce exposure risk.


What are some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

I enjoy cleaning, reading and taking photographs. My interest in art stems from how I like to capture fleeting moments and turn them into lasting memories. Photography is a tool for me to count my blessings and view experiences through a lens different from one clouded by the present moment. I also like to play games, read webtoons and learn languages. Spending time with family is also one of my top priorities.


“SMU’s unique seminar-style teaching encourages students to voice their opinions with confidence, a much needed skill in this ever-changing and highly competitive VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world.”

Why did you choose SMU?

SMU’s seminar-style teaching differs from other universities. Its emphasis on class participation to encourage students to voice their opinions or queries allows for more engaging seminars, and ensures that we are able clarify any doubts.

This, along with the many opportunities to present in class regardless of course, help develop a student’s confidence in public speaking—a much needed life skill in this ever-changing, highly competitive VUCA world.

Having attended the SMU Open House, I was impressed by how its students were the ones who did most of the sharing. The confidence they displayed during their presentations, as well as their ability to articulate their thoughts, were big factors in influencing my decision to join SMU.

Moreover, with SMU being strategically located in the city, I have more time to spend on doing things that I enjoy.


What are some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

As President of the Students’ Council at Temasek Secondary School, I oversaw multiple school-based projects and represented the school to participate in Council Investitures. At Temasek Junior College, I was President of Leo Club, a community service club. I was involved in the planning and organising of many projects such as collection drives to raise funds for different beneficiaries.

This piqued my interest in community service and I enjoy giving back to society and participating in community events. I love music, and play the piano for leisure. I also spend my free time baking and cooking for my family, whipping up something new from time to time.


“I’m excited to be part of the SMU student experience, and look forward to the opportunities to learn, explore and grow.”

Why did you choose SMU?

While the location and interactive pedagogy are definitely pluses, I am most looking forward to the flexible schedule and opportunity for internships. I am passionate about my hobbies, so I’m thrilled to be able to allocate time for my activities amid the rigours of academic life, thanks to the curriculum. The internship programme also ensures that I will gain first-hand experience and apply what I learn in a real world setting, which is something I have always enjoyed doing throughout my years of education.


What are some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

I was vice-captain of my secondary school’s wushu team from 2017-2018, and continued pursuing the sport in my junior college.

As someone who also had an affinity for visual arts, I had taken charge of many art-related roles during school events. Other than picking up a multitude of hands-on skills such as crocheting, I recently chose to venture into unfamiliar territory, such as programming, which caught my interest with its problem-solving nature.

I enjoy drawing on various forms of media including traditional and digital, and have spent a lot of time exploring different hobbies from playing musical instruments to learning crafts such as resin casting and crocheting. I also enjoy computer games and the occasional outdoor sport like cycling.


“If you were to be anything at all, be unapologetically yourself.”

Why did you choose SMU?

When considering the offer from SMU, a major decisive factor was its interactive teaching pedagogy. I was greatly drawn to the university’s unique practical application-oriented learning experience. And of course the city campus is another upside to choosing SMU.


What are some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

I have always had an immense passion for water polo, and I have been training in the sport for the past ten years. As a member of the Singapore Water Polo Team, I have represented the nation on multiple occasions locally and internationally. I also have an avid interest in video games and anything pop culture related, and am a huge comic book enthusiast. So I spend most of my free time either in a swimming pool somewhere or behind a computer.


“SMU has an incredibly supportive community, abundant opportunities, and a gorgeous location. I have no doubt that everyone will find their place in SMU’s balanced and vibrant culture—with all the resources the university provides.”

Why did you choose SMU?

A big decisive factor is the interdisciplinary nature of SMU’s unique PLE programme enriched by the university’s seminar style classes, which gives us the opportunity to come out of our shells and communicate our ideas, even when we are afraid to do so. It also has a beautiful campus integrated into the city, instead of being tucked away in a corner of our island. The people and culture seem incredibly balanced—the community also seems really collaborative and supportive. I have no doubt that everyone will find their place in SMU. I personally am looking forward to the research opportunities and overseas study programmes that I hope to participate in.


What are some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

I have always enjoyed participating in Model United Nations conferences, untangling the many facets of current affairs through political debate. Engaging with current affairs in such an interactive way opened my eyes to their complexity and spurred my interest in pursuing an interdisciplinary curriculum like PLE.

For leisure, I love painting as it is very therapeutic. It helps me de-stress and finishing a piece of art brings me a sense of fulfilment. I also love music—listening to it, breaking it down, analysing the lyrics, and even writing blurbs for Spotify artists.

Beyond that, I’m actively engaged in volunteer work with migrant workers as I’m incredibly grateful for their contributions to our community and feel strongly about giving back. Through SMU’s research opportunities, I hope to contribute to a field of study, but also do social good at the same time.


“Situated right in the heart of our cosmopolitan city, studying in SMU will offer a unique campus life experience. I can’t wait to discover the student activities and events as a freshman.”

Why did you choose SMU?

The main factor was SMU’s centrally located campus. I was also attracted to the Smart-City Management & Technology Major as the programme is more diversified as compared to other coding or programming courses available in other universities.


What were some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

I am very interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, hence I spend most of my free time watching videos and reading articles related to these. In 2018, I was appointed as captain of my school’s football team. We visited Bangkok for a football cultural exchange programme and the trip helped me realise gaps in my squad which I actively worked to address. My time in Bangkok with my teammates had shaped my character and helped hone my leadership skills significantly. I still enjoy playing football once in a while and can’t wait to train with SMU Football.


“I believe the unique soft skills learnt at SMU along with the rigorous academic agenda will bring out the best of my capabilities.”

Why did you choose SMU?

The SMU curriculum is renowned for developing graduates with outstanding communication skills, largely due to the nature of the required class interactions. I believe the unique soft skills fostered at SMU along with the rigorous academic agenda will allow graduates to contribute to both their future organisations and society.

SMU also provides ample opportunities for both local and global internships. I also like the idea of going to a school that’s younger than me!


What were some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

Apart from playing and training at the Queenstown Water Polo Club, I also coach part-time at the club. I have also represented Singapore in a few Youth Water Polo Competitions since 2013. My love for water polo comes from the fast-paced and unique dynamics of the sport—being plunged into tough, stressful and unpredictable situations while trying to analyse and react to the changes in the game.

I also enjoy reading, playing computer games and cooking in my spare time.


“As co-founder of Package Pals, a nation-wide circular packaging initiative, I am most excited for opportunities to further our impact and learn from industry experts.”

Why did you choose SMU?

I chose SMU because of its emphasis on applied learning, with programmes such as SMU-X and the Social Science Practicum which would allow me to explore and work on real-life social issues in an interdisciplinary nature.

I also chose SMU due to its strong culture of innovation and support provided for entrepreneurial projects. As co-founder of Package Pals, I am most excited for opportunities to further our impact and learn from industry experts. In addition, I look forward to working with like-minded entrepreneurs on future social projects.


What were some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

In May 2020, I conceptualised and co-founded Package Pals to bridge the gap between an imminent environmental crisis—precipitated by Covid-19—and the increasing demand for sustainable packaging among businesses and consumers. Anchored on the principles of “reduce and reuse”, we collect second-hand e-commerce packaging and distribute them to businesses for reuse, thus giving old packaging a new life.

Within seven months, we distributed more than 5,000 pieces of packaging to over 200 businesses, including the World Wildlife Fund, Halogen Foundation and Playdate Thrift, a sister company of second-hand store The Fashion Pulpit.

I head logistics coordination and business development efforts, working with businesses to set up drop-off points and boost the adoption rate of second-hand packaging. We currently have collaborations with People Association’s Our Tampines Hub, and zero-waste stores The Sustainability Project and Wellness Within. I am also leading discussions with retail giants Lazada and Decathlon to further the sustainable packaging movement.


“I really like the small class sizes in SMU. It creates a very conducive environment for students to study and work together effectively.”

Why did you choose SMU?

I really like the seminar-style pedagogy in SMU. I prefer smaller classes because I feel that it is a more conducive environment in which to work and learn.

I also like the location of SMU. The fact that it is in the central business district of Singapore makes it very convenient and accessible to other facilities within the city.


What were some of your interests and hobbies beyond your academic goals?

I’ve represented Singapore for badminton in many tournaments like the Badminton World Junior Championships 2019, Badminton Asia Junior Championships 2019, 10th ASEAN School Games. I also enjoy many other sports and like swim and run whenever I’m free. While I’m not very good at it, I’m trying to pick up playing the piano and guitar.



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