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Career services for SMU MBA students

Ariel Resnikoff, current full-time SMU MBA student
SMU’s Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Career Centre has provided generations of SMU students with career support. Find out how the DKHMCC helped MBA student Ariel prepare for her internship interviews!

My SMU MBA adventure (Part 3)

Current full-time SMU MBA student Jung-Yoon Kim engaged in a group discussion.
In the third instalment of this series, current full-time SMU MBA student Jung-Yoon Kim reflects on the MBA modules that have left the deepest impression on him thus far.

ASMU Blog: 13,525 kilometres away from home

Jökulsálón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland. Image credits: Jacob Ma
What's it like to go on an overseas exchange programme to a country where you don't speak the local language? Find out about Sharlene's exchange programme experience, and how it equipped her with new perspectives while bringing her out of her comfort zone.
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Summer Stories 2015: My Global Summer Programme experience

The inaugural SMU Global Summer Programme provided an eye-opening experience for Ana Teresa Rodríguez from ITAM School of Business in Mexico City. Find out more about her impressions from her first visit to Singapore, and what she gained from the summer modules she took at SMU.
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#AskASenior: I’m feeling stressed. Who can I talk to?

University life can be stressful at times. At SMU, we have a group called Peer Helpers whose role is to provide a listening ear and emotional support for their peers during times of need. Find out more about why it helps to talk to someone when you're stressed.
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