Summer Activities to Give You a Headstart in the New Semester

By the SMU Social Media Team

We all want to lounge by a pool and sleep in till noon, but why not have a guilt-free vacay that also gives you a headstart in the new semester?


Be it volunteering or even taking up a floating job that provides insight into a variety of positions, there’re always ways to continue learning or cultivating some skill during summer. Keep yourself active and be well prepped to take on the new school year, instead of struggling to get back into full gear when school starts.    


1.  Time to Make a Difference (Big or Small)

Volunteering is a big part of many students’ lives, especially those with a passion to contribute to society. Volunteering also presents an opportunity to connect with others who share a similar interest, while helping people in need. Students can also take this opportunity to put what they learn in the classroom into practice in the real world, by working with non-profit organisations in Singapore. There are plenty of SMU groups working on community service projects such as starringSMU, where students get to impact lives while raising money for the needy, and Reef Alert, which champions reef conservation and trains student divers to help support the work of marine biologists.




2. Part-Time, Full-Time, Freelance – It’s All About Work Experience

Another way to spend a meaningful summer is by taking on a part-time or freelance job. Waitressing or being part of a kitchen crew doesn’t sound glam, but it will give you a behind-the-scenes look at running a restaurant or small business. Actively ask questions and go beyond your job scope to maximise the experience.

Fancy yourself a decent wordsmith? There are plenty of freelance copywriting jobs advertised on job sites ranging from a short paragraph for a company’s executive summary to creating content to marketing a brand online. Besides honing your communication skills, you expand your network by meeting new clients and learn about the importance of content marketing.

Or even try facilitating a holiday camp for young ones, to pick up essential event organisation skills and the ability to deliver a clear and engaging presentation – such that even boisterous kids will want to hear what you have to say.


3. Pick Up That New Skill   

Besides working, why not consider learning something new that will value-add to your resume and career? For a start, hone your public speaking skills by joining SMU Toastmasters or the SMU Debating Society. These groups focus on grooming students’ confidence and fluency of speech by breaking them out of their comfort zones. Speaking in front of a crowd is a sure-fire way for you to build some confidence and up your presentation chops for the new school year.

In addition, online learning platforms such as General Assembly, Coursera and LinkedIn Learning are also great avenues for you to tap into and learn from experts in the field through online courses. From communication skills, team management (to even courses such as sleep and wakefulness), social media, and content management, they’ve got you covered on life skills 101.