Three Consecutive SCAQ Top Scorers in Financial Reporting from SMU School of Accountancy

By SMU School of Accountancy Social Media Team  

It is challenging for graduates pursuing their Singapore Chartered Accounting Qualification (SCAQ) Professional exams to balance their work and studies—even more so, to emerge as Top Scorer among all other candidates from Singapore in the same cohort.

Since December 2017, SMU School of Accountancy‘s (SoA) graduates have been emerging as Top Scorer for the Financial Reporting Module of the SCAQ Professional Exams for three consecutive cohorts (December 2017, June 2018 and December 2018). Their achievements are a testament to the academic rigour of the SMU Bachelor of Accountancy curriculum which has placed them in good stead in their technical competencies.

We reached out to the most recent Top Scorer in Financial Reporting from the December 2018 cohort, Natalie Seah, to find out more about her SCAQ journey.



Top Scorer for Financial Reporting at SCAQ, Natalie Seah

Q. Congratulations on being the Top Scorer for Financial Reporting at the December 2018 SCAQ exams! Can you share with us your thoughts on this achievement?

Natalie:  The achievement was definitely an unexpected one as I was not particularly confident of my answers. I did not have as much time to study for this exam as I did in university and therefore attempted the paper without any kind of expectation. It was a very pleasant surprise hearing that I achieved Top Scorer.

Q. You graduated from SMU SoA in the Class of 2018. Can you share with us what prompted you to take on the SCAQ Programme so soon upon entering the workforce?

Natalie: I felt that it was best to start on the examinations upon graduation as the concepts learnt in SMU would be fresh in my mind. I chose to take the Financial Reporting paper first because Consolidation questions took up a large part of the paper and I had just taken Advanced Financial Accounting under Associate Professor Pearl Tan in my final semester. Furthermore, I knew that as a first-year associate in Audit, this would be the period where work was the least demanding. Therefore, it was just practical to start as soon as possible.


Q: How do you think your education at SMU SoA has helped you as you pursue your SCAQ today?

Natalie: I think my education at SMU SoA was key in allowing me to obtain the results I achieved; and I have my Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Intermediate Financial Accounting, and Advanced Financial Accounting professors to thank for equipping me with the necessary knowledge to complete the paper. I actually made full use of all my SMU notes and lecture slides to study for the paper and found them very helpful. I believe the knowledge gained in other modules will also help me in the papers I will be taking in the future.


Q: Lastly, can you share a few words of advice to your SoA juniors who are aspiring to pursue the SCAQ?  

Natalie: The SCAQ papers are challenging and a lot of perseverance and resilience will be needed on your part if you want to do well in them. Having to work and study at the same time is a whole new challenge, especially given that most accounting students will end up in jobs that demand very long working hours.

Meanwhile, try your best to really grasp the accounting concepts while you’re in school so that you will start on your SCAQ journey with a strong foundation. The professors are also there to teach and guide you, so do not be afraid to ask them questions—there won’t be such detailed guidance when you’re preparing for the SCAQ.

Natalie is an Audit Associate with PWC Singapore. (Feature Photo Source: Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

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