SMU’s Accountancy Community Unites for a Good Cause

By the SMU School of Accountancy Social Media Team

The SMU School of Accountancy (SoA) is pleased to unveil two new financial schemes funded by the SOA Student Fund. Thanks to the generous contributions by the SoA Community, the School has set up the following new funds for our Bachelor of Accountancy students:

  • The SMU School of Accountancy Aspiration Scholarship, offered to outstanding first-year students with good academic results and strong involvement in CCA or community service, aims to nurture these individuals into changemakers who will make a meaningful impact on society-at-large.
  • The SMU School of Accountancy Care Fund seeks to provide immediate financial support to students facing unforeseen crises and challenges. The Fund is available to all full-time Bachelor of Accountancy undergraduates with demonstrated dire need of financial assistance due to unforeseen circumstances.

The SOA Student Fund—aimed at providing emergency aid and financial support to Accountancy students who are in need—was launched at the inaugural SOA Run event in October 2017. Held on the SMU Campus Green, the SOA Run was a collaborative effort between the School of Accountancy, Office of Advancement, SMU Accounting Society and other student bodies. The SOA Run 2017 was an embodiment of the SoA family spirit, where industry partners, professors, alumni, students and their family members all gathered together to raise funds for the SOA Student Fund.

Here’s a look back on the memorable event.

Dean of School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor Cheng Qiang leading the mass run



SOA Run 2017—A Day to Remember

It was the first day of the recess week in October, but the SMU Campus Green was abuzz with activity. Faculty, students, alumni, industry partners and staff of SoA had gathered from 7.30 am to show their support for SoA’s first mass fundraising run event—the SOA Run 2017.

While some students were understandably hesitant to return to school on the first day of their break, the fun festivities planned out for the day proved to be an inviting way to kick off the week-long break.


SMU President Arnoud De Meyer flagging off the run


The event officially began with SMU President Professor Arnoud De Meyer flagging off the main charity run led by SoA Dean Cheng Qiang, SEA Games Track and Field Medallist Shanti Pereira (Bachelor of Accountancy freshman) and SEA Games Triathlon Medallist Clement Chow (Master of Professional Accounting alumnus). This was followed by flag-offs staggered every 15 minutes, with participants from all categories running together side-by-side. The special segment for the Kids’ Run was a highlight of the mass run, as children of alumni and faculty members came together for a friendly race.


Participants at the Kids Run giving their all


However, things began to heat up as the competitive spirit of the SoA family shone through in the second half of the event.

It was unanimous that the “Challenge Your Prof” segment stole the show. The segment consisted of the Bubble Soccer Challenge, Human Gladiator Challenge, and Competitive Relay, where professors volunteered to participate in these challenges. Alumni and students could donate in order to form teams to compete against their professors.


The two teams put up a close fight at the Competitive Relay


The first activity, the Bubble Soccer Challenge was intense with the professors’ team and alumni and students’ team neck-and-neck in points until the eleventh hour when the professors’ team emerged victorious by a slim margin. Assistant Professor Tracey Zhang expressed her surprise as she had hoped that both current and former students would “go easy” on the professors out of respect. Not a chance, as they were in it to win it!


Faculty vs alumni in bubble soccer


MPA alumnus team leader, Johnny, shared his view that the Bubble Soccer Challenge demonstrated how everyone fights hard for the School of Accountancy, be it as an individual or as a whole.

For the Human Gladiator Challenge, it was both an intimidating and intimate battle as professors and a students face-off one-on-one. While some students were hesitant to go against their professors, a brave few were very keen to take the opportunity to interact with their professors without the usual formalities expected in a classroom.


Students went head-to-head with their professors in the arena!


Overall, the SOA Run definitely tore down the walls of hierarchy between alumni, students and professors. As students and professors often interact only to discuss academic matters, this proved the perfect opportunity for students to see their professors in a different light.

Ultimately, the event went beyond its goal as a fundraising campaign for the SOA Student Fund and demonstrated what it truly means to be a part of the SoA family.