And here we are…

Plato said that the beginning is the most important part of any work.

With that thought in mind, we bring to you the beginning of a community—of thoughts and experiences, jobs and projects, opinions and emotions, as well as knowledge and insights.

Keeping in mind the ever-rising population of the students of Singapore Management University and thus an increasing number of alumni, this blog will cover any and every topic that concerns each of us—be it school, professional, or life.

We will familiarise you with the story of SMU; bring you closer to the known strangers from among our faculty members; show you how exchange can be a life changer; provide tips on topics ranging from academic matters to how to apply for a job; and help you connect more to your school among many other things!

And if you are one of those people with a burning need to put your thoughts into words or just help people by offering your advice, you too are welcome to join us as a seasonal blogger. Just drop us an email indicating your interest at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

So, I hope that you will come on board with us and become a part of this journey that we have begun. There are no promises of making you smarter or wiser, but I can guarantee you that there will be a lot of fun involved! =)

With warm regards,

The SMU Social Media Team