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Why I Chose SMU: Information Systems Undergraduate Sean Lim 

Sean Lim
Delve into the personal journey of Sean Lim, a senior at SMU's School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS). Gain insights into his transformative experience and learn why SMU could be the ideal choice for aspiring students seeking a holistic education and impactful opportunities.

Global Exposure in the New Normal Part 5 – South Korea & Thailand

Global Exposure in the New Normal – South Korea & Thailand
With its rich and unique culture and world-famous cuisines, Asia is a popular destination for students looking for an exchange experience nearer to home. Learn travel and budgeting tips from SMU students Shanna and Dominic from their adventures in South Korea and Thailand.

Global Exposure in the New Normal Part 3: USA & Canada

USA & Canada
The North America is an attractive destination for many SMU students seeking a fulfilling and exciting global exposure experience. Meet SMU Social Sciences undergraduates Clarissa and Mouli, who were in USA and Canada respectively, as they share some of their travel and budgeting tips.

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