SMU Overseas Centre Jakarta: Scholarships to Ensure a Brighter Future

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team

Education is one of the most important investments we can make – both as individuals and a society. As a key driver of personal growth and development, education also plays a critical role in building a strong economy. With so much at stake, it is clear that knowledge-building is instrumental in shaping our lives and future.

SMU is committed to serving the region through quality education and cutting-edge research. The SMU Overseas Centre Jakarta (OCJ) is an important step in this journey and serves as a key platform to deepen the University’s engagement with the rest of Southeast Asia.

Building upon existing strengths in research and training, the Centre aims to make positive contributions to Indonesian society. Notably, it is committed to providing educational opportunities for those with the ambition and desire to achieve their full potential.

To this end, SMU offers scholarships to outstanding Indonesian students, providing them with access to world-class programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These scholarships are awarded on merit, and present an opportunity for talented individuals to realise their dreams. In this way, the University hopes to make a lasting contribution to the future of Indonesia.

A commitment to opportunity and access for undergraduates

As a leading university in Asia, SMU is committed to providing opportunities and access for undergraduates from all backgrounds, through initiatives such as its scholarship programmes. Scholarship at the University is offered to undergraduate students based on financial need, academic merit, and community involvement:


S$25,000 per study year (towards subsidised tuition fees and study-related expenses)

The scholarship was established in 2021 to provide equal access to education for incoming Southeast Asian freshmen. It aims to nurture scholars into creative, reflective global citizens who will lead with purposeful impact.


S$15,000 per year (towards annual tuition fees and study-related expenses)

Available to full-time undergraduates, with priority given to Indonesian and Chinese students, this scholarship is supported by Lippo Group and the Riady family. It aims to motivate outstanding students to achieve all-round excellence in their educational pursuits.


S$15,000 per year (towards annual tuition fees and study-related expenses)

Awarded each year to a full-time undergraduate freshman of Indonesian nationality, this scholarship is made possible by an endowed donation by Indonesian businessman and philanthropist Dato’ Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, founder of the Mayapada Group.


Valued at S$19,500 per annum (S$15,000 towards tuition fees and S$4,500 as cash allowance)

Part of the Tanoto Foundation’s BEACON programme, which aims to develop the generation of leaders as future-ready global citizens, the programme comprises structured leadership development training, opportunities for experiential learning, networking and community service — in addition to tuition grants via the scholarship.


Valued at S$15,000 per year (towards subsidised tuition fees and study-related expenses)

Established in 2022, the SeaTown Sustainability Scholarship aims to motivate outstanding undergraduates enrolled in any school with the University who want to expand their learning across traditional academic disciplines by taking on the Sustainability Major offered by the Lee Kong Chian School of Business.


Valued at S$20,000 per year (towards annual tuition fees and study-related expenses)

Awarded each year to a full-time undergraduate from Indonesia or of Indonesian ethnicity, this four-year scholarship enables bright, outstanding but financially disadvantaged students to pursue their undergraduate studies at SMU. This bond-free scholarship is made possible by an endowed donation by the Karim Family Foundation.


Fostering opportunities for postgraduate excellence

The importance of a postgraduate education cannot be understated in today’s ever-changing world, where upskilling and lifelong learning are essential to maintain relevancy in the workforce. And scholarships available to postgraduate students provide a channel for individuals to gain the relevant competencies and knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve.

The SMU Haryanto Adikoesoemo Postgraduate Scholarship, a first of its kind, aims to motivate outstanding individuals who are citizens of Indonesia aspiring to pursue their postgraduate studies. It targets skillsets in the areas of innovation, human capital and business transformation at SMU; and spurs students to greater heights of academic excellence, as well as accord them recognition for their accomplishments.

Mr Adikoesoemo, President Director of publicly listed company PT. AKR Corporindo Tbk, made a generous contribution of S$630,000 to set up the Scholarship, reflecting his commitment to investing in the future technological, entrepreneurial and innovation leaders of Indonesia.


The Scholarship covers three postgraduate programmes:


A quality education is more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing society. Digital transformation, for example, is taking place at an accelerating pace, resulting in new opportunities and challenges for businesses and organisations. To stand out in this new economy, individuals need to be adaptable and have the ability to learn continuously.

Ultimately, scholarship programmes provide opportunities for students to access the same resources regardless of their socio-economic background. By breaking down economic barriers, scholarships level the playing field and provide a greater number of students an equal chance to succeed. In a society where education is increasingly important, SMU’s suite of scholarships helps provide Indonesian students with the opportunity to reach their full potential, and to mould the future of Indonesia and the region.



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