Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2022 – Nicolas Tang

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team

If there is one thing that stands out in SMU’s latest incoming freshmen cohort, it is how diversity reigns. And while the latest additions to the SMU family hail from different backgrounds and boast varied interests, they all share a common goal: to gain a holistic, engaged and transformative education at this premier university in Asia.

Brimming with enthusiasm, these newcomers to the SMU family also bring with them a wealth of experiences and perspectives. They’re passionate about making a difference, from starting their businesses to working on cutting-edge research projects and volunteering in their local communities.

Join us in extending our warmest welcome to Nicolas Tang, Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)Smart-City Management & Technology Major student. Nicolas is passionate about urban living issues such as sustainability and the ageing population, and had participated in the 2018 Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority.


Nicolas Tang - Quote


What are some of your interests beyond academic goals?

I love exploring and observing the varying yet vibrant urban landscapes we have here in Singapore, be it taking in the intricacies of differing architectural styles and forms, observing how urban design shapes interactions, or even just watching the sunset glaze and colour the glass and steel of the skyscrapers. I enjoy wandering through areas I’ve never visited, or catching up with my friends somewhere with heritage or architectural significance. Good eats are also something I very much appreciate, and I often venture out in search of a good meal at hawker centres.

I’m also in the gym four to five times a week— a good workout never fails to help me destress after a long day.


Why did you decide on SMU?

First among my considerations is SMU’s unique academic programme.

SMU’s Information Systems (Smart-City Management and Technology) programme brings together a grounding in information technology with crucial exposure to the economic, cultural and governance factors behind our societal issues. I believe the programme would enable me to explore ideas, challenges, and potential solutions behind the Smart Nation push, and provide a strong foundation for my future endeavours.

SMU’s seminar-style format also appeals to me. I took H2 Geography in junior college, where the small cohort size of around 45 students enabled seminar-style lessons during both lecture and tutorial timeslots. There were opportunities aplenty for two-way communication between students and teachers, and it was just the right size for maximising both quantity and quality of insights. Hence, the seminar classes offered by SMU is a major plus point.

I also value the wide variety of CCA options that spans sports, arts, community service groups and special interest groups. I’d like to expand upon my previous CCA experience alongside exposure to new activities. Fortunately, the option to take up two or more CCAs (which many seem to do!) offers just that.

Apart from CCA and major-specific classes, the mandatory Core Curriculum modules also present an opportunity to make friends across the University. The nature of SMU’s small, integrated campus also means I could still very well bump into them and find a place to catch up even after classes.


Complete this sentence: I am excited to be a SMUgger because…

Of the opportunities awaiting me.



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