Meet Incoming Freshman of SMU 2022 – Andre Song

By the SMU Digital Marketing Team

If there is one thing that stands out in SMU’s latest incoming freshmen cohort, it is how diversity reigns. And while the latest additions to the SMU family hail from different backgrounds and boast varied interests, they all share a common goal: to gain a holistic, engaged and transformative education at this premier university in Asia.

Brimming with enthusiasm, these newcomers also bring with them a wealth of experiences and perspectives. They’re passionate about making a difference, from starting their businesses to working on cutting-edge research projects and volunteering in their local communities.

Join us in extending our warmest welcome to incoming freshman Andre Song, who started a small business with a friend specialising in sneakers and vintage clothing in a bid to become more self-reliant. He has gained a steady following for the business by flipping limited-edition sneakers from popular brands such as Nike and Adidas, and the side hustle has generated profit margins of up to 400 per cent. Here, the Bachelor of Science (Computing and Law) freshie tells us about what he’s looking forward to at SMU.


Andre Song Quote


What are some of your interests beyond academic goals?

Academics aside, I have a keen interest in the mechanics of optimising car performance and spend my free time “sim racing” — virtual races that take place on simulated software. I also enjoy thrifting vintage clothing. Now that borders have reopened, I look forward to travelling abroad to thrift for unique and rare vintage clothing to both sell and collect.


Why did you decide on SMU?

I gratefully accepted my offer from SMU due to its location, which would help me feel less like a fish out of the water when I enter the workforce. I also prefer SMU’s seminar-style teaching as it’ll allow me to be more engaged during lessons. Furthermore, with class participation a key priority in the SMU pedagogy, I’m looking forward to the exciting discussions!


Complete this sentence: I am excited to be a SMUgger because…

Many amazing opportunities lie ahead!



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