5 Storytelling Tips You Need for Writing Killer Cover Letters

Sending hundreds of job applications but no interviews yet? A good cover letter is key to helping you stand out…that is, IF you tell a good story. Here are 5 things that will help you weave a killer story starring ‘you’.

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5 Tips on Picking a Major That You (and Your a Bank Account) Will Love

Take time to explore your interests and lock down a major that just might lead to a lucrative career.

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What to Do Right Now for a Last-minute Summer Internship

It’s never too late to find a stellar internship (no, really!), or at least a stint that will provide valuable work experience. Here’s some hope for scoring a last-minute summer internship.

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Chronicles of Quanda Ong: An Interview with the Founder of Gnome & Bow

And for anyone reading this, thinking about taking the plunge to follow a personal passion, Quanda says there’s no better time than now.

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The City of Dreams: A Look into New York’s Creative & Cultural Industries

The Big Apple is certainly a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. A melting pot of the arts, dining, shopping and start-ups, it was no doubt a huge eye-opener for Cheyenne and fellow SMU students on their business study mission New York trip.

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Secrets to Interview Follow Ups for that Extra Edge

Whether it's sealing the deal on that job application or you're hoping to turn around a less-than-ideal interview, did you know that a timely, thoughtful follow-up will make all the difference? Here are some interview follow-up tips to up your 'A' game. read more