Undergraduate Economics

Stepping Up to Help the Needy

Her empathy for those in need spurred Desiree Yang to start up Saltsteps, Singapore’s first social supermarket. Find out more about her motivations, and the challenges she has faced in turning her vision into reality.
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Taking the path less travelled: my startup internship

Most SMU undergraduates complete two to six internships before they graduate. Most set their sights on multinational corporations and brand-name firms, but for his first internship season, Kang Liang sought out a startup internship instead. Find out more about his internship experience with local startup ShopBack, and the many invaluable learnings that he gained along the way.

Ask a student: Why SMU School of Economics?

The study of economics is key to making sense of our world, and helps us to analyse, understand, and thereafter, tackle many of its problems. In this post, a current student fittingly shares his economic analysis of why the SMU School of Economics is a great choice.
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