SMU Journeys: Kevin’s steadily inflating schedule

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It’s week 4 of the term and things are starting to heat up! The lull and ease of the beginning of the term are giving way to projects, assignments and presentations.

To summarise: I have an Ethics presentation coming up this Thursday, and an Intellectual Property Law group paper/presentation due next week. Also, I think the Intelligent Business Gaming project begins this week, and next week will be the release of the Commercial Conflicts of Laws (affectionately known by everyone as ‘Conflicts’) research paper question, which takes about a month to complete. Then in week 6, I’ll have a Conflicts presentation. Seems overwhelming, but I’ve been through worse! You get used to the rigour after a while.

Of course, I could simply relax, lower my standards and get by fairly easily, but that’s not real life, is it? One thing I always liked about SMU life is that, thanks to the infamous bell curve, your own excellence is how much you choose to put into it. It does take exponentially more effort to stand out, and this reflects life in the working world. This means it’s tough to fail a course, tough to excel in a course, but remarkably easy to be the average Joe.

Oh yes, apart from my steadily inflating academic schedule, I also have an event this coming Wednesday, 29th Jan! It’s a Chinese New Year event by ICON, and I’ll be hosting beside a junior. I’m looking forward to that!

I also received some pretty good news towards the later part of last week, which I’ve been keeping mostly under wraps. Safe to say though, I won’t be submitting any more applications for training contracts 😉

Okay. Heavy week ahead. Wish me luck.

Until next time, may your operating system always only be as smart as you are.

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