My 360˚ Learning Experience With a Student-Run Venture Fund and a Start-Up Incubator

SMU Economics student Abdullah Khurshid has always been interested in the start-up ecosystem. Learn how he got into the thick of the action through his involvement in Protégé Ventures and SMU IIE’s Global Innovation Immersion programme.

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How Businesses Can Fight Cybersecurity Risks in Today’s Digital World

Hear from SMU Executive Development Programme Director, Dr Flocy Joseph, as she shares how a sound cybersecurity strategy has become imperative for businesses as digital transformation takes over multiple aspects of our lives.

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An Accountancy Alumna’s Journey To Reduce Inequality One Step at a Time

Having observed the rich and poor divide in Myanmar, Accountancy Alumna Sheriel Chia knew she had a mission to reduce inequality when she returned home. Read on for her story on how she started a food distribution servicer in aid of needy households in Singapore.

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Propelling Law Graduates into the Digital Era

In a digital age where it is no longer sufficient for legal professionals to simply be good counsels of the law, an SMU-X course is offered to prepare law graduates to stay ahead of the digital curve.

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Bridging Real World and Classroom with the New SMU BSc (Software Engineering) SkillsFuture WSDegree

A first at SMU, the work-study degree in software engineering is designed to nurture workplace-ready software engineers to meet industry demand.

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An inclusive and diverse U

Student Karl Gan shares how SMU's recent “Building a Culture of Inclusion Within Institutes of Higher Learning” conference has impacted how he sees society. Read More

The Googley affair

SMU student Astha Kalbag recently had an opportunity to sample the ‘Google Experience’ firsthand. Read about the lessons she learnt, and the fun she had. Read More

Recognising innovative teachers

At SMU, our instructors are always on the hunt for ways to add value to the curriculum. The Teaching Excellence Awards recognises our faculty members for their brilliant ideas. Read More