4 Ways Gender Dynamics Affect Intercultural Conflict in the Workplace

A recent study co-authored by SMU’s Assoc Prof Roy Chua revealed that female pairs work together better to handle disagreements on how work should be accomplished in the workplace, as compared to men, amongst other findings.

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Can the Fast Food Industry Survive Covid-19?

The answer is ‘yes’ if it adapts to the new off-premise and digital reality. Koh Kek Sin, founder of F&B consultancy Ants Franchise Consulting, tells us how.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Business through Influencer Marketing

Like it or not, influencers are here to stay. As more businesses begin to see positive ROI from engaging their customers through influencers, here are five pro-tips on how you can boost your business through influencer marketing.

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Video Conferencing 101 in the New Normal

Thanks to our stint working-from-home, video conferencing is now a vital part of our daily work routine. To avoid committing a major faux pas at your next video call, here are some practical tips on how you can master video conferencing like a pro.

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Dream Big and Work Hard: How to Benefit from an Internship Amidst the Pandemic

Despite having his extended internship at San Francisco-based technology startup Workstream disrupted by the pandemic, SMU Business student Brandon Ong found fulfilment through his work and interactions with the people he met in the new culture.

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An inclusive and diverse U

Student Karl Gan shares how SMU's recent “Building a Culture of Inclusion Within Institutes of Higher Learning” conference has impacted how he sees society. Read More

The Googley affair

SMU student Astha Kalbag recently had an opportunity to sample the ‘Google Experience’ firsthand. Read about the lessons she learnt, and the fun she had. Read More

Recognising innovative teachers

At SMU, our instructors are always on the hunt for ways to add value to the curriculum. The Teaching Excellence Awards recognises our faculty members for their brilliant ideas. Read More