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Common First-Job Tips You Might Want to Seriously Reconsider

Our loved ones are often generous with advice when we enter the workforce for the first time. And while they come from a good place, some of these advice might need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect, and what to do to survive your first job.
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Transforming the World’s Halal Dining Experience

The only thing connecting or disconnecting demand and supply is information (or lack thereof). SMU alumna, Siddika Jaffer's 'Halal Dining Club' aims to be the bridge for Halal establishments across the globe.
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Secrets to Interview Follow Ups for that Extra Edge

Whether it's sealing the deal on that job application or you're hoping to turn around a less-than-ideal interview, did you know that a timely, thoughtful follow-up will make all the difference? Here are some interview follow-up tips to up your 'A' game.
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Meet the Power Couple in MBA

Power couples in the same MBA programme are few and far between; but what's more stunning is when both emerge top students one after the other. We speak to one such husband-wife duo—Vidyarth and Aarthi—from the IE-SMU MBA programme.
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